Roxy Jacenko shared a video of her son Hunter falling asleep at a slightly awkward moment.

Sometimes staying awake just takes too much damn energy.

Roxy Jacenko shared a funny video of her three-year-old son, Hunter, falling asleep at what appeared to have been a school assembly on Tuesday.

Hands up if you can relate?

Sitting on the floor cross-legged, Hunter can be seen swaying back and forth, his eyes rolling back in his head. Seriously, who hasn’t been there before?

In the video, Hunter can be seen sitting surrounded by other students in identical outfits, which is awkward in itself.

Roxy tagged her husband, Oliver Curtis, in the video, and jokingly blamed him for little Hunter’s sleep episode.

“You should not have left me in charge for 12 months,” she captioned it.

While we’re not sure what the assembly was for or who was talking, the droning voice in the background was enough to almost put us to sleep, too.


We feel you, Hunter.

Here’s the thing though, a quick look at Roxy’s Instagram shows Hunter actually has a habit of falling asleep at inopportune times. It’s kind of his thing. He’s that guy, and he should wear it like a badge of honour.

When the science museum takes it out of you ????????‍♀️

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And he’s still young enough to get away with it without people calling him ‘rude’ and ‘disrespectful’. Most people will probably think it’s kind of adorable.

In fact, one person who could probably do with some more sleep is Hunter’s mum, Roxy, 39.

Roxy: “I took Hunter to visit Ollie.” Post continues below.

“I don’t really sleep that much,” she told The Kyle and Jackie O Show in November, as reported by News.com.au.

“I get four hours… I’m probably a miserable b*tch, but that’s just how it is.”

We envy you, Hunter. Dream on, kid.