Roxy Jacenko shares her top tips for the perfect lift selfie.

Video producer Clare Gerber has an uncanny knack of running into celebrities whenever she tries to catch the office lift.

While most of us keep our fingers crossed for an empty lift, she’s managed to catch rides with Real Housewives of Sydney’s Lisa Oldfield, Andrew Daddo and Mamamia boss Mia Freedman.

Her latest companion? Businesswoman, PR guru and Instagram queen Roxy Jacenko.

Watch the video above.

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But Clare’s attempt to outselfie the selfie queen – Jacenko’s signature ‘gram is an in-the-lift selfie – – it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Turns out ‘sore tooth’ isn’t exactly a popular (or flattering) pose.

It did mean that Jacenko was forced to impart some of her tried and tested selfie wisdom.


The sore tooth? Roxy is not impressed. Image: Mamamia

Her first tip? Go high - with your selfie arm that is. The result will make you look "tall and slim".

For best results, you should always go portrait and never landscape, and if you're going to pout, please PLEASE close your lips.

Finally, if you can always use a lift with a mirror. It's way more #Candid.

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