Roxy Jacenko gets honest about how husband Oliver Curtis is handling jail.

PR mogul Roxy Jacenko has spoken out about how her husband, Oliver Curtis, is handling his time in prison.

Speaking to Sonia Kruger and Ben Fordham on Today Extraa characteristically honest Jacenko did not dispute the fact 2016 was littered with challenges for her family.

“It was a bitch of a year, there’s no doubt about it,” she told the program, touching on the events that led to Curtis being jailed for insider training and her breast cancer diagnosis.

Speaking specifically of Curtis’ time in jail, Jacenko says they are “proud” of how he is handling himself given the circumstances.

“He’s good, he’s good. Well, as good as you can be in that environment. We’re all very proud of him, he’s taken it on the chin and he’s getting on with it,” she said.

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The stockbroker was jailed for two years in June after an insider trading scam saw Curtis and his former best friend net more than $1.4 million in illegal profits.

It’s certainly not the first time Jacenko has been open about her family’s challenges and about her husband’s time in prison, telling Kyle and Jackie O back in August that although it’s not a place and environment you would willingly find yourself in, he is taking it all in his stride.

“It’s not a nice place, it’s sad. It’s definitely not somewhere where you would choose to be,” she said at the time.

“He works as a clerk in an administrative role. It’s good to have a job otherwise you just stare at the walls all day.

“And I believe they do a lot of gym. So maybe he’s going to come out looking buff. He says everyone is really nice, he’s settled in as well as he can and he’s got a great cell mate. He’s just getting on with things.”

On Today Extra, Jacenko added that although the year brought her more challenges than she thought possible, she still considers herself “very lucky”. (Post continues after gallery.)

“The reality is that everyone has challenges. My challenges were compounded very quickly and over a period of about four months,” she said.

“It was a year I’d never thought I would face, but at the same time I’ve got two amazing children, I’ve got a business that is amazing, I’ve got great staff and I think I’m also very lucky.

“Yes, it’s been tough, but at the same time I am very lucky and I look at the positives. I think my positives outweigh my negatives.”

As for living her life in the bright lights of our social media feeds, Jacenko says although it naturally comes with its difficulties, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Yes, I am an open book. But I also feel that’s something that’s quite refreshing. I’d rather be an open book than pretend I’m something that I’m not.”