Roxy Jacenko has become the victim of a "calculated" attack.

Roxy Jacenko‘s PR agency Sydney office has been attacked by vandals once again, this time launching paint-filled eggs at the cream-coloured building.

The 36-year-old arrived at Sweaty Betty’s Paddington office Friday morning to find it covered in red and blue paint.

Jacenko told Nine News that in an earlier attack, fish food was thrown into her office’s garden.

“We’ve been hit twice now with something called burley, which is like blood and bone, what you use for fishing, which is like a dead person smell. It’s horrible,” she said.

The offices were also attacked in April when foul-smelling brown sludge, believed to be faeces, was discovered in the mailbox.

However, Jacenko said she was not fazed by the attacks, labelling the most recent one “so pathetic it’s comical”.

“You know what, you clean it up and you get on with it and you keep going.

“I think a lot of other things have not stopped me working. I had cancer, my husband went to jail. This kind of s–t is not going to honestly affect me.”

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The mum-of-two told Nine News that she thought the person behind the attacks had an “agenda” to stop her from working, which she was not going to do.

“That’s a calculated person who goes to the trouble of putting Bastille Day colours into eggs and throwing them on a wall.”

Surry Hills police are investigating the series of attacks.