Roxy Jacenko says she asked Pixie to feel the lump in her breast while in the shower.

PR boss Roxy Jacenko has opened up about inadvertently inviting her four-year-old daughter to feel the cancerous lump in her breast when she discovered it.

It was overnight revealed that the 36-year-old mother of two has been diagnosed with the disease, only three weeks after her husband Oliver Curtis was jailed for insider trading.

Mamamia reported she broke the difficult news to Curtis and their daughter Pixie, 4, while sparing two-year-old Hunter because he is too young to understand.

Jacenko has now described the moment she found the lump in the shower two weeks ago.

Roxy Jacenko shares a bedtime clip with her kids. Post continues after video…

She told the Daily Mail she was unsure what it was and asked Pixie to feel it.

“When I found the lump two weeks ago and got out of the shower, I asked Pixie to feel it as I was a little confused to what it actually was,” she said.

“Her instant reaction was ‘eugggh mum!'”

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With Curtis in prison, Jacenko said she she had no one else at home to turn to at the time.

“I guess I showed her as my initial options were Pixie or Hunter. I then called my mum and she raised her concern,” she said.

“I didn’t think I was letting her feel cancer at the time, you just don’t think that at 36.”

Meanwhile, the Sweaty Betty PR director said she would not let her cancer treatments get in the way of her work.

“I don’t do time off, it’s not in my blood, I have worked since I was 14.”