Some hapless fool booked Roxy Jacenko an economy seat.

Somebody just got fired.

And rightly so. Poor Roxy Jacenko flew from Sydney to Melbourne, a flight that takes an hour, and sometimes a few minutes more in inclement weather, in what appears to be economy class, or possibly premium economy, but who are they kidding? It’s first class or nothing.

Jacenko’s lady-in-waiting assistant was given the task of booking the flights. She went ahead, like a normal person, and booked a couple of reasonably-priced seats.

The PR maven is more accustomed to first class and believed she was seated in the cargo hold.

Putting a brave face on it: Courageous Roxy Jacenko and the hapless Anna. Image via Instagram.

“I let Anna book the tickets to #melbourne for our @ministryoftalent scouting trip — I think she’s got us in the luggage hold hahahahahahahaha,” wrote Jacenko on Instagram, with an accompanying picture of her and that foolhardy Anna laughing.

You can see the fear in Anna’s eyes, though.

Things would have gotten a lot worse when Jacenko discovered the only hot food she could purchase was a pot of instant noodles or a reheated pie.

Even Jacenko’s four-year-old daughter knows how to book a private jet, Anna. Image via Instagram.

Anna didn’t even bring any Egyptian cotton towels to lay between Jacenko and the seat, meaning her boss might have caught poor germs.

We’ve put in a call but presumably Jacenko’s still at the doctor getting blood tests. We hope she’s getting the help she needs. #PrayForRoxy

This is how Jacenko normally rolls…