Roxy Jacenko's latest picture might be an 'up yours' to those who reported her to police.

It was the post that drew out every troll from their bridges.

The car selfie by public relations mogul Roxy Jacenko that captured 5-year-old daughter Pixie sitting in the front without a booster seat.

The image drew so much ire that the Daily Telegraph reported two members of the public had contacted police to report it.

The original controversial image. (Source: Instagram.)

Police were later said to have learned the mother-of-two had only moved Pixie into the front for the photo.

But now Jacenko has seemingly hit back at the controversy with two more car selfies shared on Wednesday morning.

The latest captioned only with a heart depicts the businesswoman sitting alone with a child's booster seat sitting in the back.

A photo posted by Roxy Jacenko (@roxyjacenko) on


Fans have flooded the image with theories the post was very much a response to those who reported her.

"Subtle up yours to the haters," one fan said.

Other fans have sarcastically hit out at Jacenko in light of last week's events.

"Ummmmm your invisible child doesn't have their seat belt on," another follower added.

???? ????

A photo posted by Roxy Jacenko (@roxyjacenko) on

 "OMG if Pixie isn't in her carseat.... is she in the front seat?!!! Or worse have you left her home alone?? Quick call the police," commented a third.

The previous image captured Jacenko sitting with both children Pixie and Hunter and was similarly only captioned with emojis.

Feature image via Instagram: @RoxyJacenko. 
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