Roxy Jacenko responds to A Current Affair's expose on her in a scathing post.

The past week has almost certainly been one of the hardest times in Roxy Jacenko‘s life.

With her husband Oliver Curtis being sentenced to two years prison time on Friday morning after months of ongoing media attention, the PR mogul understandably went underground and got out of town for the weekend, taking her two young children with her.

But on Monday night, Channel 9’s A Current Affair ran a news story on the getaway, entitled ‘Resort Roxy’. And Jacenko is not happy.

Jacenko's first post since her husband's sentencing. Source: Instagram.

Comparing the holiday spot of her and her children to her husband's new home in Silverwater Prison, the story began, "The publicity-loving publicist wants everyone to know she's spending the weekend in 5-star luxury while her husband Oliver Curtis gets used to a very different life."

Taking four-year-old Pixie and two-year-old Hunter out of town, the family stayed at the Wolgan Valley One&Only Resort, around two-and-a-half-hours from Sydney. And at $4,450 a night, A Current Affair is right in saying that it's not your average weekend getaway.

roxy jacenko a current affair

Channel 9's Monday night news story. Source: Channel 9.

But this shouldn't surprise any of us. Nor should it offend us.


Roxy Jacenko is not your average working mum. She doesn't wear average work outfits or drive an average family wagon or take average holidays. That's why people love her, and those are surely rights she has earned from working so hard for so long.

Over the weekend away, Jacenko did what she rarely ever does and stayed off social media. Her first post following Curtis' conviction was made at lunch time on Monday, where she shared a photo of herself with her two children enjoying the outdoors.

Just hours later, Jacenko shared another photo, this time of herself in the same outfit, seated at her work desk with A Current Affair's story on her computer screen in the background.

Jacenko's Monday evening Instagram post. Source: Instagram.

"Really @acurrentaffair9 'Resort Roxy' .... On tonight's show? Looks like my bum and feet are firmly placed at my desk in my office. Perhaps stick to peoples fences encroaching on others boundaries!!!!!!" the Sweaty Betty CEO wrote.

While Jacenko courts media coverage, this is a knife twist of Shakespearean proportions.

It would be easy to say that the getaway was over-the-top or a luxury, but the level of media attention both Jacenko and her family received throughout Curtis' trial and sentencing was unprecedented. Wanting to take a break from the public eye for two days seems completely reasonable.

Jacenko with Curtis prior to sentencing. Source: Instagram.

Having been found guilty of insider trading after a lengthy trial, Curtis will be eligible for release within 12 months.

Watch the news trailer below.