Roxy Jacenko shares intimate details of what Oliver Curtis' life in jail is really like.

Just one day after her emotional 60 Minutes interview, Roxy Jacenko has opened up to Kyle and Jackie O about her husband’s life behind bars.

Speaking to the radio breakfast hosts this morning, Roxy revealed she has only been to visit her husband, Oliver Curtis, behind bars twice since he was sentenced to one year behind bars for insider trading.

“It wasn’t something I would have never expected I would experience, but it is a reality,” she said of visiting Oliver.

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“It’s not a nice place, it’s sad. It’s definitely not somewhere where you would choose to be.”

While Kyle was convinced Oliver was living the ‘lavish life’ behind bars, Roxy confirmed there was no special treatment for her husband.

“There’s definitely no Foxtel,” she said, revealing that Oliver had only just been allowed to eat with the other inmates.

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She also revealed she regularly deposits money into Oliver’s account so he can ‘buy up’ supplies – but she has to ensure she doesn’t “go over the limit”.


“I have to do two different deposits. I do $100 and then $30, because you can’t go over the amount…if you go over the amount you’re in strife!”

“I had to work out that direct deposit thing…I’m very bad with all of that Internet stuff, but I’ve got good at it,” she said.

His next purchase she explain will be a doona, because “it’s cold in there”.

Roxy also revealed the biggest mistake she’s made since Oliver was convicted: putting Pixie on the phone to her father.

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“It was the worst thing I could have done. She actually broke,” she said.

“I thought, ‘Oh, she’ll be happy to speak to him’, but it was a disater. She cried for the whole day after that. Her first words were, ‘When are you coming home?’. It was a mistake.”

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So what does Oliver Curtis do to pass the time behind bars? Roxy said he actually keeps busy with a job.

“He works as a clerk in an administrative role. It’s good to have a job otherwise you just stare at the walls all day,” she said.

“And I believe they do a lot of gym. So maybe he’s going to come out looking buff. He says everyone is really nice, he’s settled in as well as he can and he’s got a great cell mate. He’s just getting on with things.”