Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Rove McManus just took a glorious dig at every Aussie who’s been on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

BURRRRN. Image: Ten.

In case anyone was wondering (was... anyone... wondering?), TV and radio personality, Rove McManus will not be heading into the jungle for this years' season of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

Not because he hates bugs or is high maintenance, but coz, guys, he's a ~real~ celebrity with integrity.

Confirming as much to Yahoo7Be, the year-old said he wouldn't be caught dead in khaki when asked if he would be joining the show's cast.


"Never. Never! Because I have credibility. It will never, ever happen. I care not to be humiliated with worms. It’s not for me.” Ouch.

So just to confirm, that's a solid no to the whispers the advertised "two feuding celebs" were McManus and longtime rival, Kyle Sandilands.

But what about Fev or Shane Warne, or those former US sitcom actors from years ago - they all have credibility, right?


2. Grab the scissors: Meghan Markle is bringing your fave 90s hair trend back.

Further establishing herself as the people's princess, Meghan Markle is bringing back the 90s tendril... also known as the hairstyle you wore for 89% of the time in high school.

For those unaware - it's where your tie your hair into a ponytail, in this case a messy bun, and pull out two small 'tendrils' on either side of your centre parting. It's all very nostalgic and fabulous.

Meghan Markle
It's like she's waving right at us. Image via Getty.

Attending a royal engagement at Cardiff Castle, Meghan made her go-to hairstyle look ever so regal and chic, and not like the 'I have five minutes and need to leave the house' palava like us common folk.

*leaves to perfect the messy bun and tendril combination.*

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3. It appears Serena Williams isn't a huge fan of a fellow American tennis star.

Serena Williams has spectacularly schooled her fellow countrymen, tennis player Tennys Sandrgen, in what appears to be a deliberately thinly-veiled tweet.

Just one minute after ESPN’s broadcast of Sandgren’s Australian Open quarter final match started, Williams tweeted out: “Turns channel."

It comes just days after Sandgren was forced to defend himself as being a Trump supporter and alt-right sympathiser.

“[It’s] not really specific ‘alt-right’ content that I deem of value, I think that’s very incorrect, and I don’t find information like that to be of value or to hold on to any of those things,” he said. “So it’s not who I am as a person in any way," he told ESPN.


Sandgren has deleted much of his past Twitter history, however, according to News Corp, among the deleted tweets was one that endorsed a fake story that linked Hillary Clinton to a supposed child sex abuse ring during the 2016 US election campaign.

In the past Sandgren has retweeted white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes, who went along to the Charlottesville rally in 2017. He has also publicly argued, over Twitter, with former US and African American player James Blake about racism in the United States.

"I just don't know how a country that practices systemic racism elected a black pres, twice," he wrote.

And that, ahem, is probably why Williams changed the channel. And then tweeted about it.

4. Um... the dude who played Barney is now a tantric-sex aficionado.

(Image via YouTube.)

WARNING: This item may just shatter some cherished childhood memories.

We all remember Barney, right? That friendly purple dinosaur, who loved us just as we loved him?

Yeah, well the guy who played him now deals in a very different kind of love - the, ahem, making kind, that is.

Turns out, David Joyner, the guy who hopped in the suit and voiced Barney, is now a tantric sex healer who owns and runs Tantra Harmony. For $436 (US$350) a pop he offers female clients a ritual bath, chakra balancing, a massage, and maybe even an orgasm.

I'm sorry, but this is information we just weren't ready for. Shouldn't there be some sort of ban on childhood figures pursuing such an adult career later in life?

5. The radio stunt that left Carrie Bickmore in a puddle of her own (happy) tears.

In a surprise reaction that gave the 'Kristen Bell and sloth' incident of 2012 a run for it's money, Carrie Bickmore proves that when you come face-to-face with your idols, sometimes you loose your proverbial sh*t.

Finding herself in the middle of a radio stunt initiated by co-host Tommy Little, Tommy got Carrie's favourite singer Sam Smith to surprise her and let's just say things got emotional when she stumbled into the room and saw a very real Sam Smith standing in the room.


There was a bit of hyperventilating, happy tears and at one point she tried to hide in the laundry. Bless.

It was an emotional moment. Image: The Carrie and Tommy Show.

However Sam wasn't phased at all and was humbled if anything else.

"Aw, that's the best reaction ever," he said.

It was a beautiful moment. 
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