Rove and Sam's decision to take on Dami Im in a busking challenge ends in catastrophe.

If you’ve never quite understood the phrase “so bad it’s good”, allow me to introduce you to a little thing I like to call: the most hilarious thing you’ll watch today.

2DAY FM breakfast radio hosts, Sam Frost and Rove McManus, recently took on X Factor winner and Eurovision runner-up Dami Im in a singing challenge on the streets of Sydney and the results are… well, catastrophically hilarious.

A for effort, guys. Image via 2DAY FM.

The former Bachelorette star and her co-host tackled Dami Im's newest single, Fighting for Love and her hit Sound of Silence, which, coincidentally, sums up the (small) crowd's response to their performance.

Sam attempted to dance her way into the hearts (and wallets) of the public, while Rove took a more aggressive style in belting out the tunes.


All up, the pair made a measly $30.70.

When Dami Im took the 'stage', Rove and Sam took issue with her bringing along an instrument to help with her performance.

"I didn't know we could bring instruments...my voice is my instrument," argued Rove, while Sam added, "my body is my instrument".

In the end, it was as predicted no contest. Dami earned a whopping $154.20.

We may not see Sam and Rove perform again anytime soon, but we'll always have this:


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