The original Round The Twist website still exists.

Thank you, Internet.

Have you ever? Ever felt like this? How strange things happen, when you find the Round The Twist‘s website in its original state.

(If this sentence didn’t evoke the classic Round the Twist theme song, you did your childhood wrong).

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That’s right, the iconic Australian TV show is still alive and well in the form of a very outdated 14-year-old webpage.

It really has everything your inner 12-year-old could ever want.

Information about the cast:

An episode guide that involves such confusing gems as “Bronson finds an ancient Mongolian copy cat hat. Linda wears it during the `Birdman’ competition and she copies a seagull soaring through the sky. But Dad and Gribble aren’t quite so lucky when they wear the copy cat hat.”

And “Fun Twists”! Which… well we still can’t quite work out what this page is. But it looks like a lot of fun.

Sadly, they don’t appear to have the iconic theme song that we all love so much. Luckily, you can listen to it here on repeat. You’re welcome.

What are your favourite ’90s TV shows?

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