Where your favourite stars of 'Round The Twist' are now.

There’s no doubt that Round The Twist is one of the most iconic Australian children’s shows of our times.

And although there were four seasons of the show, where are the stars of the third and fourth season? The ones who spent so much time on our screens only to disappear without a trace?

Bronson Twist (Mathew Waters)

Of almost anyone in the cast of his series of Round the Twist, Bronson has had the most sparkling career in the industry. And by the way - he is definitely not little anymore. Mathew Waters is now 27, and if you haven't already fallen off your seat, now lives and works in theatre in London.

After Round The Twist, Waters went on to star in shows like The Escape of The Artful Dodger and SNOBS. He has tried his hand in musicals, starring in ones like Mame and Oliver! The Musical, before trying his hand at film.

In 2003, he played a role in Peter Pan the movie after film director PJ Hogan had seen him perform on stage. He has appeared in HBO mini series The Pacific and in Canada's Darwin's Brave New World. In 2015, he played the Cowardly Lion in a production of The Wizard of Oz in London.

Linda Twist (Ebonnie Masini)

Ebonnie Masini-Thompson, who played Linda, is now 33 and married. Along with Round the Twist, she appeared in The Last of the Ryans and Blue Heelers.

Soon after appearing in those shows, Masini-Thompson left the acting industry and made her way into fashion. She has worked as a fashion buyer and then fashion illustrator for Harpers Bazaar. More recently, she launched her own luxury sleepwear brand called Masini and Chern, which, if I'm honest, looks quite cool.


Pete Twist (Rian McLean)

OK, yes. The photo on the right isn't of a modern day Pete Twist - or more specifically Rian McLean - because McLean is a ghost on the internet.

Although McLean went on to appear on Home and Away, Neighbours and Channel 9's drama series Stingers, he seemingly disappeared from our screens and the industry, retiring from acting soon after.


Tony Twist (Andrew Gilbert)

Andrew S Gilbert has appeared in almost all of the big-name Australian TV shows since his time as Tony Twist in Round the Twist.  In 2001 he appeared in Blue Heelers and in 2002 the Rabbit-Proof Fence. In 2004, Gilbert played a role in Stingers, in 2005 it was Look Both Ways and by 2006 he was starring in McLeod's Daughters.

In more recent years he has had roles in Underbelly and Backyard Ashes.

Also, by the above photos we're not sure if he, you know... ages.

Harold Gribble (Mark Mitchell)

Evil Harold Gribble who was always trying to kick the Twists out of their beloved lighthouse was played by actor and comedian Mark Mitchell.

Still acting to this day, Mark has had roles in Neighbours, Blue Heelers, The Genie from Down Under and played Chief Quimby in the 2003 monstrosity that was Inspector Gadget 2.

What other 90s shows make you wonder 'where are they now'?