The 5 weirdest moments from Round The Twist that still haunt me to this day.

Have you ever? Ever felt like this? How strange things happen, are you going round the twist?

If you were a nineties kids, there’s no doubt you would have grown up watching Pete, Linda and Bronson Twist who lived with their widowed father in a lighthouse on Round the Twist.

Seriously, there will never be a kids program like it. Ever.

But while the cult Aussie show covered all the universal themes of bullying, family drama and unrequited love, there’s no denying that it got, well... weird.

Mamamia’s This Glorious Mess host Andrew Daddo once appeared on Round The Twist as a friendly ghost. Post continues after video.

Throughout the series' four seasons from 1989 until 2001, the Twist children encountered everything from terrifying scarecrows to friendly ghosts to birds that couldn’t stop sh*tting.

We told you – it’s weird.


And now, all four seasons of the classic kids show are coming to Netflix.

But before the show lands on Netflix on May 1, here are the five craziest storylines from Round The Twist.

1. The seagull poo attack.

This episode is no doubt the reason why I’m now a lil' bit terrified of birds.

In the second ever episode of Round The Twist, Pete and Linda are attacked by a group of seagulls THAT CAN’T STOP POOPING.

After hiding in an abandoned shack on the beach (which subsequently gets covered in poo), the siblings eventually escape through the chimney.

It’s... terrifying. (And sh*tty).

2. The magic lipstick.

After struggling to find any luck with the ladies, Pete uses a magic lipstick to try to get a kiss from his crush Fiona.


But after applying the lipstick, Pete discovers that it works on any and every female that he comes in close contact with.

Including Fiona’s mother.

And Pete’s sister Linda. (Ew).

And even a pit full of pigs.



3. The penis propeller.

Can we please all take a moment to remember the season three episode Whirling Derfish?

In case you’ve forgotten (how could you?), in this episode, a fish somehow made its way inside Bronson’s penis and helped him win the school swimming contest.

Yes, his private parts turned into a propeller and we’re still completely emotionally traumatised.


Side note – does anyone remember that weird peeing competition episode?

4. The ice cream man.

In one episode, an ice cream machine magically turned into a human male who could eject ice cream from his nose after eating.


Naturally, Linda fell in love with the snotty ice cream guy.

But even when the man turned back into an ice cream machine, Linda was still in love with him.

And honestly, we don’t really blame her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. The big burp.


In what might be the most unrealistic episode of Round The Twist of all time, this season three episode saw Pete fall pregnant after peeing on the side of a tree.

After peeing on the tree, a tree spirit emerged and told him she had fallen in love with him.

But that’s not even the weirdest part… later on in the episode, Pete gives birth by burping.

Oh, and did we mention that the baby was green?


Miss Round The Twist? Every single episode is coming to Netflix on May 1, 2021. 

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