Want to know what Ross and Rachel's baby, Emma looks like now...

She’s all grown up.

She was the famous tiny addition to the Friend’s family, Ross and Rachel’s baby – Emma.

We remember everyone going goo-goo and ga-ga over their little bundle of joy. And after Friend’s finished airing in 2004 we held on to the show that was our childhood, so we just assumed that the characters who graced our screens froze in time from the day the last episode ended.

So of course, 10 years on we think Emma is still that sweet little bub. But, er, we are wrong.

The famous Friend’s baby is now all grown up. This is what she looks like now…

She's so...not a baby anymore. Image via Imgur

Yep, if you need a reason to wonder where the years have suddenly gone this is it.

If you're slightly confused by who is actually Emma in the above - the answer is, both. The baby was played by a set of twins called Cali and Noelle Sheldon. The twins were cast in 2003 and now it's 2015 so if you do some maths (I did it for you) they are turning 13 this year.


Mind. Blown.

And if that hasn't left you gobsmacked - we have also dug around to find out what Ross's son Ben looks like now.

Remember this guy...

Well, he now looks like this:

Also very grown up. Image via @colesprouse Twitter.

Cole Sprouse is now studying archaeology in New York. And he is a (ahem) stud.

Just bask in the nostalgia for a while.

What's your best memory about Friend's?

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