Rosie Waterland smashes the 'sexy bed hair' myth in one fell swoop.

Celebrities would have us believe that ‘bed hair’ looks a little something like this.

Good Night #GQ

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  Or this:  

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Because who doesn’t wake up after a solid sleep with hair that falls into effortlessly luscious curls?

Here are some styling tips from Kate Middleton’s hair dresser (not that I need them). Post continues below. 

I jest. NO ONE’S HAIR LOOKS LIKE THAT when they wake up.

Which is where the fabulous author Rosie Waterland comes in. The host of Mamamia Women’s Network’s The Binge podcast served up a much needed truth bomb on Facebook recently.

“Okay so truth bomb time… This is what happens to my hair if I just let it dry when I get out of the shower,” she explained.

“I think, at 30, I need to finally accept that I will never be one of those women who has effortless hair without some kind of styling tool. I need at least 15 minutes with a ghd to get this situation under control. AT LEAST. (I love when guys say they just want a girl to have ‘natural bedhead hair’ lol. This is my actual bedhead hair, fellas. *SEXY WINK*).”

The best celebrity hair transformations.

Amen, Rosie.

It must be said that, for most women, bed hair actually consists of;

a) Frizz, often nicely framing the face.

b) Knots, perhaps a matted section at the back as a result of rolling around in your sleep.

c) One third curly, one third straight, one third no effing idea.

d) A strand – or 12 – that you may or may not have drooled on.

On behalf of those of all women who struggle in the hair department, and might need 20 minutes or so to ensure that they look like normal members of society, we thank you, Rosie. For putting the ‘sexy bed hair’ myth to bed, once and for all.

*Feature image via Instagram @rosiewaterland. You can follow her here

What does your bed hair look like?