Rosie Batty: "I can really understand that you can go to sleep and not want to wake up."

Rosie Batty hears it constantly.

“If I was her, I would never have let that happen.”

“If I was her, I would have done things differently.”

“If I was her, I would have stopped it.”

In February 2014, Rosie Batty’s world was uprooted when her only son Luke was murdered at cricket practice by his father in an incomprehensible act of family violence.

Rosie Batty and her son, Luke.  Via Twitter @rosiebatty1

This inspirational woman joined Mamamia founder Mia Freedman for a searingly honest chat on the podcast, No Filter. She talks about the exhaustion, the hope, the painful realisations of her journey and the reason she feels like she’s no longer a mum.

Rosie Batty has single-handedly changed the conversation around domestic violence in Australia.  But even now, as Australian Of The Year, as a she’s still surprised how people’s attitudes towards family violence, and how the propensity to victim blame still continues.

The interview courses her darkest moments and the wisdom she’s gleaned from such a tragic circumstance.

“Life is a journey. You have choices. I don’t always respond as well as I would like, but I seek to.  If I have time for reflection, I try and work out how I can do things better next time.”
And what happens when you’re still grieving and others move on.

You go through the hardcore of the grieving process and everyone is tightly there with you. People are there with you.  But then people have to get on with their lives…and for me there is a sense of feeling abandoned.”


“People tell me all the time they’re thinking of me,” she says. “But when they stop ringing me, when they stopped texting me, when they stopped inviting me around, I did feel let down.  But then I’ve learned that they watch me from afar. They admire me, support me, think of me and they will never forget Luke.”

“Their journey continues. And similarly, mine will too.”

Rosie Batty’s book.

Rosie says she’s thinking about planning a holiday. Or a trip. And trying to enjoy the little things.

“I’m not chain smoking anymore…I’m not drinking a bottle of wine – a day – anymore… I’m not on sleeping tablets – so I reckon I am doing okay.”

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