Rose Byrne's interview on the Today Show got a little uncomfortable.

When Rose Byrne dropped by The Today Show this morning, there was one very awkward moment.

When co-host Lisa Wilkinson began recounting a story about Rose and her famous friends, she referred to the father of the actress’ child as her ‘husband’, which would have been fine… if not for the fact the famous pair have never publicly declared they are married.

Rose Byrne with her partner, actor Bobby Cannavale. Image via Getty Images.

"You told a great story about when you met your husband, you quickly discovered that one of his best mates was Jon Hamm," Lisa began.

Rose's face when Lisa called actor Bobby Cannavale, who the actress has been dating since 2012, her 'husband', looked a little bit like this:

OOPS. Image via Channel 9.

But the Bridesmaids star didn't correct the Wilkinson, instead recounting the tale of how she called her friends almost the second after she found out her new boyfriend was besties with the Mad Men star.

The Today Show panel made the same mistake minutes later, when they asked Rose whether her actor 'husband' was also on Aussie shores.

Rose and Bobby have always kept their relationship out of the headlines: while they started dating in 2012, their relationship wasn't confirmed until Cannavale referenced Byrne in his acceptance speech for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the 2013 Emmys.

Rose announced she was pregnant with their first child just four months before their son, Rocco, was born.

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