The photo that proves one of the Gilmore Girls is pregnant, according to fans.

If you’re not a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan yet, let me do you a favour: drop everything, call in sick to work for the next eight to ten days, park your bum on the couch and keep watching ’til you are.

If you’re a normal person, though, you’ve probably been spending your weekends scouring every single scrap of information released by Netflix in preparation for the upcoming revival.

There are just so many questions to be answered.

To start with, there’s the issue of which of her ex-boyfriends Rory ended up with (if any).

There’s the far more sombre issue of how the show will deal with Richard Gilmore’s absence following actor Edward Herrmann’s death.

We need to know if Rory still works in journalism, whether Paris went ahead with her medical degree (please, God, don’t let her actually be treating patients…) and how Lane is coping with mothering seven-year-old twin boys.

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And recently, Bustle added yet another question to our ever-expanding list: Is one of the Gilmore Girls pregnant?

Bustle puts forward three reasons that the answer could be a big fat yes – but we’re not necessarily convinced.

So without further ado, we present without comment: the evidence that a new Gilmore baby is on the way.

(OK, so there’s a little bit of comment. It’s Gilmore Girls. We couldn’t help ourselves).


Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over ’till the pizza comes. And one apple.

A photo posted by @gilmoregirls on

Many fans locked onto the apple in the above photo as a sign that Lorelai (or possibly even Rory) might be pregnant in the revival, referencing Lorelai’s admission that the only time she’s ever felt like eating an apple was when she was pregnant with Rory.

Which would be incredibly convincing… if not for the fact that Lorelai served “Poptart appetizers with an apple as a garnish” way back in Season 1, when Paris, Madeline and Louise visit Rory’s house for the first time.


While Netflix could be teasing us with a double-meaning here, this pic is more likely to be a hilarious throwback than conclusive evidence of a Gilmore pregnancy.


Because Dirty Whore was taken.

A photo posted by @gilmoregirls on

Eagle-eyed Instagram followers were quick to point out what looks like a baby’s pram covered with a blanket in the reflection of this compact mirror, claiming it as evidence that either Lorelai or Rory is indeed up the duff.

Don’t see it? Look a little closer…

To be honest, this one is actually quite convincing.Surely, surely, Sookie is done having kids for real now, and Lane's twins are all grown up. Why else would there be a stroller in the Gilmore's house, if not for an impending birth by one of its inhabitants?


Bustle has placed a lot of weight on the fact that some of the filming for the revival was done in London for this next theory, which claims - wait for it - that Rory is pregnant with Logan's baby, and travels to London to give birth.

Discounting the relatively enormous leap of the imagination that connects a London trip with a Logan baby (Rory's possibly maybe probably a journalist, remember! She probably jetsets around the world on a regular basis), there's one big problem with this theory.

Feel free to disagree, but the way I see it, there's NO WAY Rory would give birth outside Stars Hollow, let alone outside the US.

She'd want her family by her side - and while that may include Logan, it includes Lorelai, Emily, Sookie, Luke and Lane without a doubt.

Rory might be pregnant, and it's possible it's to Logan, but having the baby in England, away from her Stars Hollow family? I'm not buying it.

What's your take on the theories regarding a Gilmore pregnancy?

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