Dad shares horrific tale after his vacuum cleaner collided with a pile of dog poo.

A Roomba is an automated vacuum cleaner that can turn itself on and operate without supervision.

A Roomba is also how one man woke up to discover his entire home resembled Jackson Pollack having taken matters into his own hands.

Jesse Newton from Little Rock in America woke up to discover his puppy, Evie, had taken a small poo on the living room floor.

The automated vacuum cleaner turned on at its scheduled time of 1:30am and proceeded to run over the poo.

Horror. Ensued.

Newtown said he discovered the horror scenario after his four-year-old crawled into bed with a very ripe odor.

“Then, when your four-year-old gets up at 3am to crawl into your bed, you’ll wonder why he smells like dog poop,” he said.

The highly illustrative map he created. Source: Facebook.

The father spent the night cleaning until he could take no more.

The post has been shared over 121,000 times throughout social media since it was posted two days ago.

It happens to the best of us. Post continues...

Users have delighted in the tale and its trail of destruction.

"Posts like this are why I stay on Facebook. Thank you," one user said.

"Thank you for posting this...lolololololol...too pooptastically roombatomically hilarious!" Another user said.

One user was even encouraged to buy the automated vacuum after reading the post.

"Reason #4,004 why I don't ever want a dog, but can we get a roomba?"

It's funny how a dark day for one person can brighten so many others.