Woman orders snack from room service, gets delivered by robot.

In important snacking news, a woman has ordered room service from a hotel in Silicon Valley, only to have it delivered by a very charming robot.

For now, let’s call him Bot. Because Bot is an appropriately cute name.

In the video, uploaded to Youtube by user Pâté Smith, Bot exits an elevator while making noises that resemble a cross between R2D2 and a newborn puppy. He turns and travels towards a hotel room where a very excited young woman awaits him. Bot then opens his lid (head? brain? SOUL?) and BEHOLD: there is a snack inside.

Bot then asks his adoring customer to rate her stay. When she rates it five stars (obviously…she just had a robot deliver her room service) Bot makes a sound that would make even the coldest heart melt. Bot then farewells his new friend with the words ‘OK! I’m heading home!’

Where is home, Bot? Where is home?

Despite a lack of arms, legs, voice box, and general human-ness, Bot is inarguably skilled when it comes to delivering snacks.

According to the LA Times, robots like Bot weigh 45 kilos, stand under a metre high, and are designed specifically for room service deliveries. The hotel (human) staff enter the room information into Bot and his friends, and they roll up to their destination using Wi-Fi and 3D cameras for navigation.

Clever Bot.