We're calling it: "ronze" is our new hair colour obsession.

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It seems like only yesterday colourists everywhere were inundated with requests for balayage (a style where the roots are dark and the hair gradually lightens to the ends), but now there’s a new colour trend making it onto the heads of celebrities everywhere.

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Introducing: “Ronze”.

It’s a cross between red hair and blonde hair, and it has us wanting to dial our hairdressers, stat. It’s a mash-up of classic red meets rich, bronze undertones and focuses on giving coloured and natural red hair and shiny new dimension, without looking too obvious. (Post continues after gallery.)

Ronze came about after celebrities like Emma Stone, Amy Poehler and Christina Hendricks emerged rocking the subtle trend.

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If you’re thinking of giving ronze hair a go, fair skinned ladies should ask for copper and bronze highlights which will brighten the look up, Medium-skin tones should include lighter highlights around the face and dark skinned ladies should go heavier with the bronze highlights around the top of the head which will catch the light and give great shine.

Julianne Moore's natural red hair has been lifted with the use of bronze highlights. Image: Getty.

Natalie Hyber, a hairstylist based in Sydney says the process of going ronze will depend on your original colour.

"If you're coming to the salon with bleach blonde hair you need to accept that your hair is very porous so it will likely soak up a lot of colour. We might also need to lighten some hair depending on what look you're after. It really is a case by case situation," she explains.

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And be prepared - going red will require a lot of upkeep.

"Red hair is known to fade - a lot - your colourist can also advise you on the right products to use but I personally would recommend something like a colour deposit shampoo or conditioner which will add back some pigment and shine between appointments," Natalie explains.

Are you game to try ronze hair?