Ronda Rousey warned to stay away from the man she is rumoured to be dating.

“It’s only a matter of time that she sees his true colours.”

UFC champion Ronda Rousey can clearly hold her own. But she’s being warned to look after herself at home by her rumoured beau’s ex.

Fitness model Jenna Renee Webb claims her estranged husband, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne – who is rumoured to be dating Rousey – beat her, leaving her bruised and battered.

She shared the alleged evidence on Instagram, with the words: “Probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made was walking away from this life and starting over. I’m still ashamed for staying as long as I did. #domesticviolenceawareness”

Jenna Renee Webb says she was a victim of domestic violence. Image via Instagram.

In a separate Twitter tirade, Webb directed messages at Rousey, who has not yet confirmed her relationship with Browne, New York Post reports.

“I expected more from her. She should be ashamed of herself,” Webb tweeted to a follower.

“It’s only a matter of time that she sees his true colours.”

Travis Browne has been accused of abusing his wife. Image via Instagram.

Browne’s manager John Fosco denied the accusations of domestic violence, claiming Webb likely got the bruises from vigorous exercise.

“If Travis Browne, 6 foot 7 seven inches, 250 pounds, is going to abuse you, you are probably going to have to go to the hospital, but apparently there were no hospital visits,” he said.

But, if the allegations are true, Rousey – who has repeatedly publicly commented about celebrated fighter Floyd Mayweather’s shocking history of violence against women – would likely be unimpressed.

After taking out the ‘Best Fighter of the Year’ Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award in July, Rousey famously said: “I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once.”

And, responding to speculation she would crush Mayweather in a fight, she said: “I would never say that I can’t beat anyone. I don’t think me and him would ever fight unless we ended up dating.”

Let’s hope Rousey’s future fights remain in the ring.

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