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"I had no intention of leaving." The upsetting truth behind Romy's Bachelor exit.

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Last nights episode of The Bachelor left a lot of us scratching our heads as to why exactly Romy Poulier made the decision to reject the Honey Badger.

Romy, who has been dubbed one of the three ‘mean girls’ of the show, has now revealed what actually was going through her head and why the timing was just right for her family.

“I had no intention of leaving,” she said to TV Week in one of her first interviews since her exit went to air.

“I’m really impulsive as a human being, and sometimes that can get me into trouble. But something inside of me said I couldn’t stay and that I needed to go home”.

As it happened, that instinct was right and her decision to return home to Brisbane was well-timed. Within days of Romy exiting the reality TV series on her own terms, her father had a stroke.


Romy revealed to the publication that her father’s health scare has left him unable to speak, read or write. She explained he is a man who prides himself on his intelligence, and his inability to now verbally communicate has been traumatic for their family.

“It’s very confronting teaching your dad how to read the word cat and dog.

Romy’s portrayal on the show has led to a lot of public criticism, but she says that her father’s stroke has “really put things in perspective” and made her realise what’s important.

No doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from Romy over the next few weeks about her experience on The Bachelor.

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