Verona met the love of her life. And then she stumbled across a childhood photograph. 

Verona Koliqi, a woman from the UK, was travelling with her boyfriend Mirand Buzaku in Turkey last year, when he asked her to be his wife.

Koliqi knew when she met Buzaku in Kosovo that he was her ‘soulmate’ and with no hesitation, she said yes.

But – as they would later discover – their lives had intersected a decade before, without either of them ever knowing.

A few months later, the couple were looking through Koliqi’s family photo album, sitting side-by-side, when they noticed something odd.

A photograph taken on a beach in Montenegro, where Koliqi had visited with her family, saw five kids sitting in the water smiling at the camera.

But, behind her is a young boy lying on an inflatable toy. A boy who she likely didn’t see at the time, and who likely didn’t see her.

Buzaku remarked that the child was wearing the same shirt and shorts as him, and he remembered the toy.

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That boy, sitting in one of her treasured family photos – is her fiance.

Koliqi told Yahoo Lifestyle, “He said, ‘Hold up, I think that’s me! We both looked at each other and said, ‘No way, that can’t be true’.”


“I never knew something like this could happen, even though I’ve heard a saying: ‘You will have passed your soulmate at least once… before you actually meet up’,” Koliqi said.

Bazuku’s family have photos from that very same beach, sitting in their own family photo album.

She shared the image on her Instagram account, which prompted people to share their own stories of romantic coincidences.

Do you have any outrageous romantic coincidences?