Roller skating classes will take your fitness routine to a whole new level.

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Everybody thinks skating is some relaxed, easy pastime for kids. I used to be one of these ignorant people. Until I discovered the joy and pain that is: Roller Fit.

Roller Fit is a delightful combination of roller skating and fitness, created by a pretty small and pretty impressive woman called Stacey in 2011.

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Dim and Stacey. (Picture supplied.)

It’s now reached five locations in Sydney, and its popularity looks as if it’s still growing quickly.

Having roller-bladed at least six times as a child, I figured I had sports on wheels covered. I confidently walked into one of the Roller Fit locations and smugly declared I didn’t need wrist-guards, thank you very much though.

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I put on my skates and realised very quickly that I had made a huge mistake.

Note the unsure smile. (Picture supplied.)

After rectifying this situation I rolled onto the skating rink and began a completely novel form of exercise.

The class starts with laps of the rink, and I do not exaggerate when I say I looked at the clock after five minutes and wondered if it may be close to finishing. It was like combining a jog with squats. It hurt.

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Thinking these laps were pretty much the gist of the class, I was sceptical when we started doing real squats on our roller skates. It turned out that I was not as good at squats when wearing eight wheels under my feet.

Despite what it sounds like, it was actually kind of fun. (Picture supplied.)

Despite what it sounds like, the squats and all the other exercises were actually kind of fun.


The class is really dynamic and covers a whole range of exercise from sit-ups to stretches. We also learned skate-specific exercises, like how to skate backwards, stop, turn, fall down, and do this neat thing where you crouch down and stick your leg out in front of you.

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I was actually very good at this, surprisingly. (Picture supplied.)

If you’re looking for a sport where you are immediately as graceful as those around you doing it, maybe this is not so much for you.

But if you’re looking for a challenge, this is absolutely the class for you. It is fun, rewarding and the people who do it are just so, so lovely.

I am in the background. I was not so good at the arabesques apparently. (Picture supplied.)

Get your skates on, people.

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- Everyone seems to have become friends in the class and seemed willing to let me into their skating club. They were all lovely and enthusiastic, making it a really nice Sunday afternoon.

- This will help you find muscles you didn’t know existed.


- As I have some fragile netball-knees, I found them a little tender the morning after. However, this went away quickly.

- You won’t be as good as you think (but you will improve quickly).

What to remember

- Long socks. This is so, so crucial (trust me, I forgot mine).

- Wrist-guards. These are supplied, so for the love of God take them.

You can find out more about roller skating classes here.

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