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BREAKING: 37-year-old woman has been sentenced to 10 months in a Bali jail

37-year-old New Zealand woman Leeza Ormsby has been sentenced to 10 months in a Bali jail after being caught with a half-smoked joint of hashish, weighing 0.3 grams, in her handbag.

Ormsby, who lived in the Sydney suburb of Paddington was sentenced today in Denpasar.

Arrested in February this year, it was believed that Ormsby would serve a 15-month sentence, and is said to have told her lawyer she was ‘relieved’ about the verdict.

Rolf Harris with wife and daughter, outside court yesterday.

1. Rolf Harris to be put under suicide watch

After being found guilty yesterday of 12 charges related to indecent assault, 84-year-old entertainer Rolf Harris will be sent to Wandsworth Jail.

Each charge he was found guilty of carries a maximum sentence of two years. Judge Sweeney said,  “In reality given the conviction on all 12 counts it is inevitable that the type of sentence that is uppermost in the court’s mind is a custodial sentence and he must understand that.” has reported that it is unlikely Harris will serve 24 years in prison, due to his age and a series of health complaints. Harris will also be on suicide watch when he is first admitted, as he has reportedly suffered from depression since his arrest in 2012.

2. Spectacular win from Aussie teen at Wimbledon

Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios has shocked the world, and beat the world number one Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in four sets.

The 19-year-old – the youngest man in the draw – beat Nadal 7-6 (7/5), 5-7, 7-6 (7/5), 6-3 in under three hours last night.

“I was in a bit of a zone out there, it hasn’t sunk in yet,” Kyrgios said.

“I played some extraordinary tennis. I was struggling a little bit on return but I worked my way into it and I got that break in the fourth set. I served at a really good level all throughout the match so I was really happy.”

Kyrgios will now go on to the quarter finals.

Tonya Lee on A Current Affair.

3. Australian woman who was abused by Rolf Harris shares her story

Australian woman Tonya Lee has spoken of her ‘excitement’ after hearing that Rolf Harris was found guilty.

Harris abused Lee –a former child actress, who waived her right to anonymity – on a theatre trip that she attended during her youth. She appeared on A Current Affair last night and said, “justice was done”.

“I was so excited, I was like oh my God, I cant believe it I’m so happy,” she said. “I was so happy that justice was done, it was just amazing. What he’s done to my life is unchangeable.”

“It just shows the justice system does work,” she continued. “I can weather what ever storms come my way but you need to tell people this is what happened to you and this person can’t get away with it. I wanted to open the other door for other women to come forward. I wanted him to hear it, I wanted the jury to hear it … I wanted everyone to know what happened.”

British lawyers have also said that more women have come forward since the conviction of Harris, alleging that he abused them in the past. Law firm Slater and Gordon says approximately another dozen women have come forward with fresh claims.

The first photo of Renea Lau has been released.

4. Woman found dead in Melbourne park identified

The woman who was found dead in Melbourne’s National Botanic Gardens this weekend has been identified as Renea Lau.

Colleagues and friends of 32-year-old Renea Lau – a pastry chef who moved to Australia in 2012 – have spoken about their loss, and remembered Ms Lau as a “beautiful friend and colleague”.

Steven Kearney told The Age, “I would just like to state with deep sadness that Renea was an employee. She will be terribly missed here. She was…a beautiful friend and colleague. We offer our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends and all our thoughts are with them.”

He said that other colleagues were “grieving and working through this difficult time”.

Meanwhile, her alleged killer has been extradited from NSW into Victoria.

The Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

5. Scott Morrison still silent on whereabouts of Tamil asylum seekers

The Australian government is not commenting on reports that the 153 Tamil asylum seekers – who were identified off the coast of Christmas Island this weekend – have been handed to the Sri Lankan navy.

The Australian navy reportedly intercepted the boat that the asylum seekers were traveling on over the weekend. President of the Shire of Christmas Island Gordon Thomson has since said that the asylum seekers were handed to Sri Lanka’s military.

According to The Age, a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said that, ‘the government’s policy was that it did not confirm nor otherwise comment on reports of on-water activities in relation to Operation Sovereign Borders.’

The Refugee Council of Australia has warned that if Tamil asylum seekers have been handed over to the Sri Lankan military, they were likely being sent back to “persecution or worse”.

“As a Refugee Convention signatory, Australia has a clear obligation not to send asylum seekers back to danger without giving them a chance to put their case for refugee protection,” Paul Power from the Refugee Council of Australia said in a statement. “Forcing people seeking refugee protection back to their country of origin without properly investigating their claims is the most flagrant of all breaches of the Refugee Convention and international law.

6. Woman who worked at Tinder to sue for sexual harassment

A former executive who worked at dating app Tinder is suing the company for sexual harassment.

The former marketing vice-president for Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, has filed a lawsuit that lists a series of alleged examples of harassment.

She says that the co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen removed her own title as co-founder because she was a woman. Further, she alleges that Manteen insulted and humiliated her in public, and called her a ‘whore’ at a work event.

Manteen has reportedly been suspended while an internal investigation is underway – due to “inappropriate” messages between Manteen and Wolfe – but said that, “We unequivocally condemn these messages… but believe that Ms Wolfe’s allegations with respect to Tinder and its management are unfounded.”

Jesse Lee Herald

7. Questions raised about appropriateness of a vasectomy as punishment

A man in America will get a vasectomy, as part of a plea deal in a child endangerment case.

27-year-old Jesse Lee Herald broke the law when he fled from the scene of a car crash, taking his injured three-year-old son with him. Lee has also had seven children with six different women – which the courts see as a problem.

A Shenandoah County prosecutor suggested a plea deal, whereby Lee would voluntarily have a vasectomy in return for a few charges being dropped.

Ilona White, the Shenandoah County assistant Commonwealth’s attorney, said, “After reading the files and looking at the transcripts, it really did seem like it would be in the best interest of the Commonwealth.”

The plea deal raises questions about sterilization being used as ‘punishment’, particularly as it has been used in the past on people with mental illness, or mental disabilities.

8. Baden-Clay admits to court he deceived friends and family

On the thirteenth day of the Baden-Clay trial, Gerard Baden-Clay admitted that he had deceived his wife, friends and family for many years while he led a double life. The Brisbane Times reports:

Under heated questioning, Mr Baden-Clay conceded he had deceived his wife while also deceiving his long-time mistress Toni McHugh.

“Mr Baden-Clay you deceived your wife for nearly four years didn’t you?” Mr Fuller said.

“Yes,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.

“You led her to believe that your were faithful?” Mr Fuller said.

“Yes I did,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.

Baden-Clay has been accused of murdering his wife Allison in 2012. He has pleaded not guilty.

Logan Stiner passed away after a caffeine overdose.

9. 18-year-old dies from caffeine overdose

An 18-year-old boy in America has died, after overdosing on caffeine powder.

American student Logan Stiner  “a top student, a top athlete, and a great kid” – died just a week before his graduation. And the thing that killed him was caffeine powder.

His family found him at his home, after an overdose on caffeine power caused cardiac arrhythmia and a seizure. His mother said that she didn’t know her son was taking the powder, but that the keen wrestler had once mentioned taking a “pre-workout” supplement.

Caffeine powder is reportedly being used by teens to give them extra energy. It can be bought in bulk online, and mixed into water or soda water.

10. Older women who get pregnant with donor eggs face greater complications

A new study from the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris in Paris has found that older women who get pregnant using egg donors, have a higher risk of potentially fatal complications.

The study looked at 580 pregnancies at seven IVF centres in France, and found that women who got pregnant with donor eggs had a greater risk of pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure. The findings are significant because of the number of older women who now use donor eggs to get pregnant later in life.

Dr Hélène Letur from the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris was quoted in The Daily Mail as saying, “A few other studies have shown results suggesting an increased risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension in egg donation patients…”


“Our aim was to find out whether pregnancies from egg donation are genuinely associated with a higher risk of hypertension and pre-eclampsia than those from treatments using the patient’s own eggs.This has growing importance because of the increasing number of egg donations.”

Would you wait six hours to see props from the smash-hit TV series?

11. Six-hour wait for Game Of Thrones exhibition

A free Game of Thrones exhibition opened at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art yesterday – but for fans of the show, the wait outside was as long and cold as winter in Winterfell.

Some visitors were waiting in lines outside the MCA for as long as six hours – and for those at the end of the line, it was thought that they would only get to spend 30 minutes inside the exhibition.

The exhibition features costumes, artefacts and interactive installations from the hit HBO TV show

12. European high court ruled in favour of France’s ban on full-face veils

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that France’s ban on full-face veils – such as burqas and niqabs – is legitimate.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s administration first passed the law in 2010, but a French woman brought a case against the state over the ban, arguing that it was a breach of religious freedom.

However, the ABC reports that judges at the court said that “the law did not exceed the margin of interpretation by states in implementing the European Convention on Human Rights.”

The decision of the court is definitive, and anyone who wears a full-face veil in public may have to pay a 150 euro fine, or receive lessons in “French citizenship”.

14. Australian soldier has died in Afghanistan

Australia’s chief of defence has released details about an Australian officer who has died in Afghanistan. The soldier died in a non-combat incident, and the army has revealed that “we don’t have all the facts and we’re not in a position to speculate about the details”.

In a press conference, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin announced, “An Australian Special Services officer has died overnight.”

“He died surrounded by his mates. We will do all we can to support his family, his friends and his colleagues.

“At this stage we don’t have all the facts and we’re not in a position to speculate about the details.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family as we prepare to bring him home.”

The soldier’s family has asked for personal details not to be released.

15. The monthly subscription fee for Netflix Austraila

Details of the monthly subscription fee for Netflix Australia have been revealed, and the good news is that the on-demand television service is looking quite affordable. According to Inside Film, a Netflix account will cost you $10 a month, which is pretty close to the US asking price of $US8 (or $8.45) a month. The same source expects Netflix will launch here in late 2015.

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