Australian Survivor Rohan set the record straight on the show’s biggest myths.

We’re only a few weeks in, but there are already plenty of standout stars on Australian Survivor.

Like Lee.

And Lee’s abs.

Also Chester the chicken, and his other poultry pals that keep the tribes company while they are stranded on the Samoan island.

So when we caught up with male model Rohan, who was eliminated (or as he calls it, “completely blindsided”) in a dramatic tribal council last night, there was only one thing we wanted to know:


Eliminated contestant Rohan spilled the beans on the chickens on the show. Image via Channel 10.

And he confirmed our worst fears, telling us that the chickens aren't just there for protein-rich eggs and company: they're also a valuable source of food.

"Oh, you can kill them, for sure," Rohan revealed when Mamamia spoke to him.

#PrayForTheChickens. Image via Channel 10.

"But, we didn't. My mentality was, we had plenty of rice and beans, so we have enough food to survive. To kill a chicken when we had enough food, and when we finish we might be able to give the chicken to a Samoan family, it just seemed pointless," he said.

"It just wasn't a necessity to have to kill and then eat the chicken."

Confirmed: the Australian Survivor chickens are safe....for now.

Chester is safe...for now. Image via Channel 10.

Speaking of food, Rohan also revealed he lost a staggering 10kgs during his three weeks on the show, saying his tribe often went days without eating much at all.

So when Jonathan Lapaglia snuffed out his tiki torch after he was voted out by the Vavau tribe, you'd think he would be treated to a feast fit for a king.


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Video via Channel 10

"After I was eliminated, the first thing I was given a big plate of sushi, which is obviously a rice dish. I’d been eating rice for three weeks, so I was like, 'Really? Is this some kind of sick joke?'" he laughed.

After arriving back on home soil - which Rohan said happened "pretty quickly, like via Express Post" after the tribal council - the model was happy to kick back and enjoy a "couple of beers".

The 28-year-old Victorian was eliminated on last night's episode after giving up his Immunity Idol to protect his best friend Phoebe.

Unfortunately, while that meant she was safe, he received the next highest number of votes and was sent packing.

Rohan gave up his immunity idol to protect Phoebe from elimination. Image via Channel 10.

"I’m still licking my wounds, watching it [on television] was like watching a train wreck happen," he said.

"But I’m so, so happy with how I went out. I went down staying true to myself and protecting a friend, so I can’t be upset about that."