Robyn Lawley is the first Australian plus-size model to cover an Australian magazine

Now this is fashion news we love to hear: Robyn Lawley is on the cover of the March issue of Madison magazine (scroll down to see the cover). This makes her the first Australian plus size model to grace the cover of an Australian fashion magazine. Huzzah!


Aussie model, Robyn Lawley has already had phenomenal success overseas in her short career; appearing on the covers of both Italian Vogue and French Elle. And now, Australian Vogue is following suit and breaking with 52 years of tradition to feature her as the first plus-size model to grace its pages.

Now we know that a size 14 is not plus-size in any sense of the word, but finally we are starting to see some changes in the way magazines are treating body image. This is something that Vogue Australia editor, Kirstie Clements, acknowledged in the September issue’s editors letter.

“This is the first time Vogue Australia has shot a larger model and of course now that we have done it, I ask myself why we didn’t do it sooner. But that’s because Robyn is especially gorgeous. I went to the shoot to meet her and was transfixed by her beauty and poise. She is a truly super duper model.

When a plus size model first turns up to the studio, she may be an anomaly to a team normally used to working with size 6’s, but once photographer Max Doyle started shooting Robyn, we quickly readjusted our preconceived notions of beauty. She doesn’t actually look plus size to me at all now.

I said to a colleague on set later that day, “And men like curves don’t they?” He looked at me like I was an idiot. “Yes Kirsty, we certainly do” was his laconic reply. It’s an interesting conversation – the world of high fashion and fuller-figured women. One that needs to be continued,” Clements said.

Here are the shots of Lawley in the September issue of Vogue, along with some career highlights: