Every beauty product Robyn Lawley uses from morning to night.

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Taking a peek into the beauty cupboards of other women is something we all love – whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

Robyn Lawley, Westfield ambassador, model and mother of one, is one woman whose beauty routine has always intrigued us (how does one get such glowing skin? No, really?). We sat down with her to find out all of the products she uses from morning to night.

Morning routine.

“First thing I do is usually change my baby’s nappy, or attempt to make her go to the potty (so glamorous [laughs]). To drink I always start my day with a glass of water then I usually make myself a flat white or get one from my local cafe.”

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“I keep my face pretty natural and fresh so I usually just put Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Cream ($45) on and mix it with a bit of Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF40 High Protection Cream ($50). On a typical day I’m completely natural, my skin gets loaded when I work so when I’m off I like to be completely off duty.” 



“I like to use Guilty by Gucci ($136) that’s always my go-to but my favourite is Fragonard Diamont which is only available from France.” (Post continues after gallery.)

Handbag essentials.

“Sunscreen. I usually use Kiss My Face Sun Spray Oil ($15.99) or Jurlique Sunscreen Cream. And I carry a Nars Chubby Stick Liner ($26) if I need a pop of colour.”

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Budget beauty favourites.

“Coconut oil is a go-to, I also sometimes add some sugar or salt and it becomes an exfoliant!”

Hair routine.

“I wash my hair every three days and I always use quality products that are cleansing and nourishing.”

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Facials and treatments.

“I love getting facials, I recently tried this Camera Ready Facial by Melanie Grant in Double Bay and it was amazing!” 

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Day on a plate.

“I eat whatever I feel like. I’m a big believer in eating good quality food and eating what my body is craving at that moment. I grow a lot of my own vegetables as well so as long as I’ve eaten enough nutrients and I’ve stayed away from overtly processed foods I’m happy.”

Night routine

“I always make sure I wash my face before bed. I cannot go to bed with my makeup on! I tend to use an oil-based cleanser as it’s easy to take off and moisturises at the same time. I just use a Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Cream ($45) if my skin needs a skin serum to hydrate.

“I really enjoy going home at the end of the day and just spending some quality time with my family. I travel a lot with my job, so being home and spending time with them is how I love winding down.”

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