Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the week.

Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the Week.

Here’s how it works: Each week, we pick the biggest Shocker, Hero and Whinger from the last seven days. Shocker is whatever moment or person left our jaws on the floor. Hero is whoever won the week by being flat out amazing.  And whinger? Well, that’s pretty much just someone who has had a major sooky-la-la moment.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the week that was.

Shocker of the week goes to…

This woman called emergency services, because she had a ‘serious’ problem. She didn’t get enough sprinkles on her ice-cream.

“I know it doesn’t seem like much of an emergency, but it is a little bit because I’ve ordered an ice-cream and he’s put bits on one side and none on the other…He’s refusing to give me my money back.”

Look lady, there’s emergencies then there’s just absolutely ridiculous abuse of emergency help lines. Write a Facebook status. Take out an ad in your daily paper. Petition outside his van with a sign for all we care.

Don’t waste valuable time of emergency helpers.

Hero of the week goes to…

It just has to go to Richard Dunn, the guy who filmed himself doing a lip-synch cover of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” when he was stranded at an airport. In case you missed the hilarious and very clever video, you can watch it here:

Whinger of the week goes to…

Robin Thicke in Blurred Lines.

It’s not really breaking news that Robin Thicke is a bit of a douche but it looks like he’s finally realised his life is nothing without his biggest (ex) fan – estranged wife Paula Patton. Since they split in February, Thicke has made many public declarations of love and desperate bids to ‘get his girl back.’

Now Thicke’s announced he’s naming his next album ‘Paula.’

Guess you can’t get more blatant than that.

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