Robin Bailey made an emotional tribute to her son that stopped an entire city.

If Brisbanites saw cars pulled over on the side of the road this morning, with drivers glued to their radio, this is why.

Today Robin Bailey‘s eldest son turned 16 and the radio star was understandably “pretty emotional” about it.

“I really want to honour this truly amazing and inspirational child,” the 97.3 radio host said on air this morning.

See Robin’s amazing tribute to her son in full above.

In September last year, Bailey’s husband took his own life, leaving behind Robin and their three sons, who were then aged 14, 12 and 10.

“I have been so careful of the past 18-months of not making him the man of the house. He has a right to a childhood and I really passionately feel that he needs to have one,” she said.

“He’s the most caring considerate kid and I know we all say that about our children, but my kids have been through a lot.”

Bailey described Finn as a “quiet achiever”, always there to play footy with his little brother or to give his mum a kind word or “lean with purpose”.

“I know that on this day, his 16th birthday, that I get a glimpse of this glorious man that I am sure will change the world,” she said.

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