Robin Bailey just said what we're all thinking about Steve Price.

Mamamia podcast host Robin Bailey has just weighed in on the story of the week – Steve Price’s comments to fellow Q&A panelist Van Badham that she was “just being hysterical” while discussing violence against women on Monday night.

The “hysterical” comment came in the wake of Eddie McGuire’s ‘joke’ that award winning AFL journalist Caroline Wilson should be held under water and drowned.

Both events were broached on last night’s episode of The Project, where Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore condemned the controversial media personality, informing him that ‘hysterical’ is an inherently misogynistic word. Waleed educated the panellist that ‘hysterical’ stems from the latin word ‘hysteria’, which translates to ‘womb’, and imputes that female anatomy makes women irrational and wildly emotional.

Waleed educated the panellist that 'hysterical' stems from the latin word 'hysteria', which translates to 'womb'. (Image: Channel 10)

Robin and co-host Terry Hansen discussed the controversy for their 97.3FM radio show 'Robin, Terry & Tom' this morning, and what she had to say had all of us cheering.

'The thing for me is that Waleed understood, from my perspective, guys like Steve Price and Eddie McGuire and a lot of other blokes have never been in a position where they feel disempowered.' Robin began.

'And so many women have,' she continued.

'I'm not talking women in domestic violence situations - although we well know that Australia has some of the worst domestic violence statistics in the world - I'm just talking about general women, and just in our day to day lives.

'It's very different, as a bloke who's never felt disempowered, to understand why that upsets women.'

Watch a clip from the episode of Q&A below. (Post continues...)

Video via ABC

But Terry Hansen was not convinced, and believes Steve Price was ambushed on the Q&A panel.

'[Van Badham] essentially lumped him in with everyone else and more-or-less said "You're in favour of domestic violence".' Terry said. 'He was trying to stop that happening. If that happened to me, if you said that about me, we'd just about stop the show.'

Terry argued the more we condemn men for speaking their minds, the more we squash the chances of positive change in the arena of domestic violence.

'If you go right down the line, and you say "this issue is too serious for any possible contradiction" and you hammer anybody who has any other point [of view], you take out all the blokes who are supportive of women who have been victims of domestic violence.'

'You take them all out. Because they feel that if they open their mouths they're gonna get hammered.'

Robin, Terry (left) and Bob (right) for 97.3FM (Image: 97.3FM)

For Robin, that wasn't - and isn't - what we should be paying our attention to.

'But don't you understand there's a bigger picture here? [Steve Price just needed] to be compassionate.'

'Do you know the solution to this? Own it personally. "I think this, I believe this." The problem was that there was this assumption that everyone understood where they were coming from.

'And the problem is that Steve and Eddie don't understand what it's like to be disempowered. They don't."

Steve Price is yet to apologise for using the term "hysterical" to describe Van Badham.

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