Robin Bailey and Pauline Hanson have come to blows over the burqa.

Brisbane radio host Robin Bailey has come to blows with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson over the presence of the burqa in Australia, and more specifically, a woman’s right to wear one.

Speaking on Triple M’s morning show, Bailey began the conversation by asking Senator Hanson why she was” having a crack at” the burqa.

“Quite honestly, that is a representation for a group of about their religion and you having a go at the burqa is like having a go at a Christian wearing a cross,” she said.

pauline hanson
Pauline Hanson did not mince words when sharing her views. (Image: Getty)

Bailey, who celebrated her first show with the network on Monday, continued, "If a woman wants to show her religious ways through wearing a burqa, what difference does that make to anyone else?"

Hanson, as is to be expected, did not agree.

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"I cannot believe coming from a woman that you believe a woman should be covered up from head to toe," Hanson responded, saying that wearing the burqa is not a woman's choice, but rather "control."

When Bailey told Hanson she was disappointed at one woman having "a crack at another woman" about clothing choices, Hanson sniped back, "Don't pull that 'woman stuff' on me."

robin bailey new job
Bailey announced she was joining the Triple M team last year. Source: supplied.

Hanson then suggested that the country vote on women's right to wear a burqa.

"Let the people vote how they feel about it," she said, adding, "but don't shut me down because I'm having a go at a woman."

It was three very intense minutes of breakfast radio.