"However this ends, it ends in love." Robin Bailey is leaving radio to be with her terminally ill husband.

Triple M radio presenter Robin Bailey has confirmed next Friday will be her last morning on air.

The Brisbane-based The Big Breakfast host told The Courier Mail she’s resigning to spend more time with her husband Sean Pickwell, who was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2017.

“We were told [Sean] had six months [left to live] 14 months ago, and that in itself is wonderful it wasn’t the case, but we spent a fair bit of time searching for or believing there was going to be some cures – medical or alternative – and we’re not saying that doesn’t work for some people but he has gotten to a critical point in his journey,” Bailey told the publication.

“This last week was tough and I thought ‘nope, that was it’. I hope this is a miracle and he is here next year, but I need to spend time with my husband and not feel bad about the juggle.”

Robin Bailey and Rebecca Sparrow share the best pieces of advice they’ve ever been given. Post continues after video.

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Posting to Instagram on Sunday morning, Bailey shared that they weren’t expecting their story to be featured on the front page of The Sunday Mail.

“This week it became clear to me that I needed to be home for the near future,” she wrote.

“The reason is Sean’s cancer but he wanted the announcement of his terminal diagnosis to be in his words so here we are. I’ve been really cautious about talking about it publicly as it’s not my story to tell.”


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So this is us today ! Front page of the Sunday Mail … like WOW. Neither Sean or I were expecting that . But this week it became clear that I needed to be home for the near future. The reason is Sean’s cancer but he wanted the announcement of his terminal diagnosis to be in his words so here we are . As for me ….I’ve been really cautious about taking about it publicly as it’s not my story to tell . But now you know that all the amazing things I’ve posted here with the wedding and the honeymoon and our trips have all been motivated by making memories for us all and living our best life NOW . Despite the terrible news it’s not over yet … not by a long shot and I still believe in miracles . #sundaymail #love #fuckcancer #livingthedream #thisendsinlove #triiplem #thebigbreakfast

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In an open letter published by The Sunday Mail titled ‘Why A Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’, Pickwell has spoken about the “truly wonderful” things to come out of “trauma and nastiness” of terminal cancer.

“Let’s not sugarcoat this though. This shit has a crappy ending. This toxic and venomous cancer is destroying my body but what has come from this journey is almost impossible to really describe. I hope my words can inspire you to take some action now, before it’s too late,” he wrote.

“Life can be so much better when you don’t have much of it left. One day of really living is worth years of serious unhappiness, which unfortunately is what most people go through.”

Pickwell also said although he never thought he’d be “the cancer guy”, his diagnosis has given people the opportunity to be kind and do kind things and changed his relationships with his children and wife.



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“My intensity of love for Robin has deepened and grown exponentially. Not only are we desperately in love with each other, but no-one has ever loved me as hard, passionately and with such a ferocity that is incredible to experience.”

“She will not lie down and let this cancer win, even if that’s how I’ve felt some days. ‘This is true love,’ she says, and ‘love wins every time.'”

On Friday, Bailey posted an photo of herself getting a tattoo with Pickwell on Instagram.

“I went with my Sean to get a new tattoo. It’s of his heartbeat, taken on an ECG on Monday… And now my pandas heartbeat so it will be with me always,” she captioned the images.


Bailey and Pickwell married in November, 2018 after a four-month long engagement. Pickwell proposed to Bailey in front of the couple’s family at Movie World days after receiving his terminal cancer diagnosis.

“Man, that was the most awesome feeling — when she said yes. And you know what, with that news hanging over our heads I would have understood if she had said no. Talk about buying damaged goods — that’s certainly how I was feeling about myself,” Pickwell wrote of the special moment.

Bailey is no stranger to tough times, having endured more than many in the last five years. In 2014, Bailey lost her first husband and father to her three sons – Fin, 19, Lewin, 17, and Piper, 14 – Tony Smart to suicide.

Two years later at the end of 2016, she was told her radio contract at Brisbane’s 97.3, where she had worked for 10 years, would not be renewed. The Robin, Terry and Bob Show had been one of the highest rating breakfasts shows on Australian radio.

“The problem for me is that when Tony died, I just had my job,” Robin told Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast at the time. You can listen below, post continues after audio.

“I knew that as were were just kind of hurdling through all this stuff that was going on and I was trying to manage a new life, that I could always go back to work, that I would go back to work. That gave me a sense of being normal.”

“I keep using the word blindsided… it just brought up so much about my identity.”

Speaking to The Courier Mail, Bailey said she is grateful she found Pickwell after waiting “almost 50 years to find him”.

“Sean is the absolute love of my life – I waited almost 50 years to find him and even if we only have a short time together, to feel this kind of love, respect and connection is worth a lifetime,” she said.

“However this ends, it ends in love.”

You can read Sean Pickwell’s full letter ‘Why A Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’ here.

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