Robin Bailey: "My once thick long hair was both breaking off and falling out."

Something really nice happened to me today and although it might seem shallow, let me explain.

One of the most distressing things for me over the last 14 months (since my husband died) has been that my hair falling out. Due to stress and lack of self care, my once thick long hair was both breaking off and falling out.

I know there are a lot of other really important things to worry about and I do, but it really distressed me to see chunks of my hair on the pillow in the morning or have it break off mid length after I tried to straighten it. It just seemed so out of control and a physical reminder that I am not on top of things and that I am not coping.

Watch Mia Freedman interview Robin about the loss of her husband. (Post continues after video).

I remember the first time it happened. I looked down at the shower plug hole and nearly cried .

The water was swirling around my ankles as the plug was so blogged with my hair. I thought, like a pet, I was shedding my winter coat, but as it continued to happen every time I showered, I stopped washing my hair.


In fact, I pretty much stopped touching my hair hoping that somehow that would save my stressed out hair follicles. It didn’t. Nothing helped, and as time went on I was trying to come to terms with the fact that this was going to be just something I would have to live with.

No one died . . . right ?

But yesterday something happened.

I went to my hair dresser to get my roots done and here’s the thing about these lovely two patient amazing woman Carmen and Deb from Nak. Throughout this process they have made me cups of coffee and thrown every thickening and strengthening product at my hair to try and get it back to normal and today we saw the first signs of success.

Since coming out of hospital two weeks ago in from a staf infection in my leg, I have been forced to take better care of myself and with the help of some herbs and natural products , eating better and sleep, I feel like it is turning around.

That was reinforced today when the girls washed it and nothing was left in the sink and for the first time Deb said to me that there was actually regrowth.

As I said, I know this might sound shallow to some, and to you I say sorry, but to me it is again a physical sign that I am moving in the right direction and things are looking up.

I do try and look for the positives in every day and today, this was my high. So yeah to the somewhat insignificant things that can sometimes mean a lot.