Why everyone is talking about Robert Irwin and Pauline Hanson.

Australian conservationist Robert Irwin has threatened to sue One Nation political leader Pauline Hanson for defamation after he was featured in the latest episode of her cartoon series, Please Explain. 

The 20-year-old, whose lawyers sent a cease and desist letter on behalf of Irwin, says he was "mocked" in an episode of the online series that depicts him and the cartoon character Bluer promoting a tourism campaign for Queensland. 

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, it has been reported One Nation will not remove the video of Irwin.

Watch: Why parents love Bluey. Post continues after video. 

Video via ABC.

The episode mocks issues Queensland seems to face including housing, youth crime, health care and public transport. In one scene, Bluey injures himself when he falls into a pothole while walking in rural Queensland because they cannot catch public transport.

The clip ends with Irwin saying, "I can't believe this is the state of Queensland."

Robert Irwin is threatening legal action against Paulin Hanson for using his image in the cartoon series Please Explain. Image: YouTube.


In the letter sent by FC Lawyers, lawyer Zoe Naylor said the clip is defamatory and involves the "unauthorised and deceptive use of our client's image," per NewsWire. 

The letter also claims the cartoon has tarnished Irwin's reputation and misled the public, causing "significant harm to our client's brand and image."

Naylor demanded the cartoon be removed and the studio behind the cartoon stop using the 20-year-old's image without prior approval.

"You are potentially liable to our client in respect of defamation, deceptive use of a person's image, passing off and misleading and deceptive conduct," the letter stated.


"We will commence legal action against you if you do not take down the video immediately."

Elsewhere in the letter, Naylor said they are "concerned that the unlawful use of our client's image may be an attempt to pass off yourself or party as currently being affiliated or otherwise authorised by us, which you are not."

"This unlawful use has the potential to mislead or deceive consumers into believing that you have," the letter continues. "The use of our client's image and name on the video is capable of leading not an insignificant number of reasonable and/or ordinary people into erroneously believing that Pauline Hanson is associated with Robert."

Robert Irwin is threatening legal action against Paulin Hanson for using his image in the cartoon series Please Explain. Image: YouTube.


StepMates Studios has been given until 5pm Monday to remove the video before Irwin's lawyers possibly take action through the District and Federal Courts.

However, Hanson's Chief of Staff James Ashby says the legal threat was a surprise to their team and that "One Nation has got no intention of taking the video down."

"It's hard to know exactly what Robert is offended by because the reality is Robert was the hero in the episode, not the villain," Ashby said, per ABC News.

"I think Robert just needs to lighten up. I really think he's [kicked] an own goal here. His dad always had a good sense of humour and most Queenslanders, most Aussies, always saw that larrikin side of Steve."

Ashby has invited Irwin to dinner with Hanson to speak about the episode.

"More than happy to do steak and veg around the fire... This Friday, he's welcome. Just say the word, Robert," he said.

Feature Image: Instagram @robertirwinphotography.

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