A "disappointed" Robbie Williams bluntly lectures Sam Frost mid-interview.

An interview with Robbie Williams went awry for 2Day FM’s Rove and Sam this morning when the 42-year-old singer turned the tables on the former Bachelorette.

Agreeing with Rove McManus that he was “disappointed” in the 27-year-old radio co-host, the “Feel” singer took aim at Sam Frost’s recent social media debacle, which saw her delete her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“Sam, let’s make this about Sam,” Williams began. “Last time we spoke, I told you to embrace the madness. But when I was looking online the next day, you didn’t embrace the madness, you digitally detoxed.

 "Last time we spoke, I told you to embrace the madness. But when I was looking online the next day, you didn't embrace the madness." (Image: 2Day FM)

"There was some rumours about you and your relationship that made you mad, didn't it? [sic]"

"It did, and I lost my marbles," Sam admitted, before later explaining: "I told the tabloids to get a f**king life.”

While Williams - now married to actress Ayda Field - agreed "this is one way of doing it", he pointed out that constantly fuelling bullies with attention is a futile exercise.

"There's a lot of energy of feeling that way that doesn't feel great, does it?" the father-of-two asked Frost, who responded the ordeal had left her feeling "horrible".

"It's really difficult, and you're young too aren't you? And you're brand new to all of this. It's like a sledgehammer being hit over the top of your head - to your emotions, to your psyche, your everything, and it can make you unwell. It made me unwell."

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Frost hit back at the writers of fictitious stories almost a year to the day after she and boyfriend Sasha Mielczerak confessed their love to each other on Channel 10's hit marquee show.

“New Idea get a f***ing life!” she blasted on Instagram before her swift departure. “For the one millionth time, Sash & I have not split. In fact we are stronger than ever... Social media isn’t the real world. The media isn’t the real world."

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