Right about now, Rob Mills is REALLY wishing he hadn't posted this picture.

Rob Mills

Actor and former Australian Idol contestant Rob Mills has apologised after posting what is being described as an ‘indecent picture’ on social media. 

The singer and star of Grease The Musical took to social networks Twitter and Instagram to share his excitement after the Hawks’ Grand Final win yesterday afternoon.

He shared an image of a bent-over Sydney Swans figurine with a Hawthorn Hawks figurine standing pressed against it. 

And Twitter didn’t hesitate to have its say.

Bec_Barrett wrote: Shame on you @RobMillsyMills for instagramming that vile, homophobic lego picture about the Swans v Hawthorn. I thought better of you.

While KatiePurvis said: @RobMillsyMills Yeah nah, Millsy. Not cool. You’re supposed to be a friend of the rainbow community!

The singer has been outspoken in the past about his support of gay marriage. In a statement this afternoon, Mills said he was sorry:

A edited version of the image Rob posted.

I apologise unreservedly for the photo I tweeted yesterday – it was immature and inappropriate.

In the excitement of celebrating the Hawks’ Grand Final win, I didn’t think about the homophobic implications of the image.

This incident probably shows how entrenched inadvertent homophobia is in our culture.

As a long-time supporter of the rights of Australia’s gay community, it’s not good enough and I’m ashamed if I have contributed to it, even in a small way.

In the heat of the moment, anything can seem funny. But this isn’t.

It’s only right and proper that Rob Mills apologises, and it’s good to see that he has.