Rob Kardashian claims Blac Chyna tried to 'strangle him with an iPhone cable' as he sues.

Rob Kardashian is suing his ex fiance, model Blac Chyna, alleging she tried to strangle him with an iPhone charger last December.

Kylie Jenner is also involved, accusing Chyna of trashing her home and causing at least $100,000 worth of damage.

According to court documents filed on Wednesday an obtained by The Blast.

It was December 14, 2016, and Chyna was FaceTiming Rob’s friends while playing with his gun (as you do) in the home of Kylie Jenner.

At one point it’s reported Chyna pointed the gun at the camera and told one of Rob’s friends “not to mess around”, and Rob alleges she was drinking alcohol and taking drugs throughout this process.

Later that night, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star claims Chyna, 29, lunged at him and attempted to strangle him with the cord of an iPhone charger.

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian explained. Post continues below.

“Chyna was purposefully trying to hurt Rob and struggled with him as she tightened the iPhone cable around his neck,” the court documents state, as reported by The Blast.

And though Rob, 30, was able to escape, he received injuries to his face and neck, which he reportedly documented. Now he’s suing for damages.

Kylie’s also suing for damages because of the wreckage Chyna allegedly caused within the house. The allegations include a trashed television, a broken down door, damage to the walls, destroyed cell phones and a smashed gingerbread house that had been made for Christmas, The Blast reports.

As well as this, Chyna is accused of damaging the car Rob was using as he tried to get away.

kardashians revenge porn
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian on May 10, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo via Getty)

Kylie, 20, and Rob finally allege that Chyna's former relationship with Rob and the child she has with him is "nothing short of outright fraud", People reports.

And, though Chyna has refused to comment - her lawyer even telling Page Six: "we have not received this lawsuit" - there are rumours that she, too, is looking to sue the Kardashians, claiming they ruined her show and cost her millions.

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