CULT BUY: The perfect lip gloss that'll get you through the summer party season.

Oh my gloss, people.

For years and years I’ve been on the search for the ultimate lip gloss. A lil’ wand of magic that’ll coat my lips with a some much-needed colour and keep em’ moist.

And finally I’ve found it. It’s… it’s perfect.

It’s called Oh My Gloss and it’s from Rimmel London.

It glides on like a dream, it’s non sticky and it lasts for hours.

Also, it comes in a oil stain version which stains your lips with colour so it lasts for hours. Which means you can go hours in between touch ups, which is bloody brilliant and handy if you’re out and about.

The best bit is it retails for only about $8.95 – so you can grab a couple of colours and stash them in your bag. I have it in the shade Glossaholic and highly recommend it.

It’s the perfect lil’ gloss to get you through the summer party season.

You can find it at your local Priceline or Chemist Warehouse or online here and here.

Run don’t walk ladies, you will love this little beauty.

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