"The $11 liquid eyeliner my wing tips and I couldn't live without."

Image: Kahla and her liquid hero.

This week, I panicked in Priceline.

Not because I got to checkout with my little pile of essentials and realised I left my rewards card at home (hey, it’s worth it for the monthly discounts); nor because the store was about to close while I was still browsing.

No, the panic happened because for about 45 terrible seconds, I believed one of my long-time favourite products had been discontinued.

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With makeup and skincare, I’m quite the monogamist. When I find a product I like, and that doesn’t make my wallet cry, I’ll stick by it for years — partly out of laziness, but mainly because I like products I can rely on. Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner has been one of my go-to prods for ages.

Please never leave me.


So when I noticed only the Tester was left on the shelf, I asked a nearby staff member if there was any more stock out the back. She studied the barren shelf, frowning. "Well... we haven't had a delivery of that one for a while now." she said.

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It sounds ridiculous, because it is, but my heart sank a little bit. Was this really happening to me? Was I being... divorced?

My makeup skills are fairly rudimentary. I'm still learning how to use bronzer and blush, and I find eyeshadow palettes incomprehensible. However, there's one notoriously tricky technique I've somehow mastered: winged eyeliner. I wear it almost every day, and thanks to lots of practise I rarely stuff up the application, even when I'm in a rush. (Post continues after gallery.)


The thing is, I can only really pull it off with those old-school paintbrush-and-pot applicators, which is what Glam'Eyes has. I notice there's been a general move towards felt tip pen-like applicators recently, which is great news for some people but they just do not work for me.

Last time I ran out of liner, I accidentally bought one of new versions, and my wing tips were chunky and wiggly for weeks until I returned to my beloved.

In other words, my makeup routine would be screwed without this little budget beauty.

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That's the other great thing — Glam'Eyes costs just $11, and you get some serious longevity for those eleven bucks. I can put the liner on at 7.30am and it'll stay put until I cleanse it off (well... most nights) at 10pm or later. Also, as the name suggests, it'll make your eyes look ~totally glam~.

Anyway, this terrible tale has a happy ending. After speaking those heart-breaking words, my friendly attendant noticed a basket full of stock nearby and walked over to have a little rummage through. Alas, there was one glorious tube of Glam'Eyes sitting right on top of the pile, which is now tucked safely inside my makeup bag.

What's your go-to budget beauty product?

You can buy this product through Priceline here — it's currently on sale for $9.56! Go!