Rihanna the hair chameleon strikes again.

You name a hair colour and Rihanna has most probably tried it. She is the undisputed hair chameleon of the celebrity world and her latest change is pretty darn beautiful.

The 27-year-old unveiled her newly-dyed auburn ‘do on Instagram.

Rihanna debuted her recent colour change. (Image via Instagram)

Always the trendsetter, the singer paired her new hair with a punchy purple lipstick. Is it a coincidence that on of The Glow's staffers has just purchased a similar hued lippie? We think not.

Take a look at some of Rihanna's ever-evolving hair styles to date (post continues after gallery).

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Another celebrity who also changes his hair more often than I change my sheets has stepped out with a newly styled green hair.

And no, it's noy Kylie Jenner, it's Jared Leto. After recently cutting his gorgeous merman locks, he has now gone green. Jared has transformed his hair yet again for his role as the Joker for the upcoming film, Suicide Squad. The film's producer, David Ayer, posted an ominous warning yesterday, tweeting, “Something will happen. Tomorrow,” before sharing a sneak peek of Jared's new hair with fans on twitter:

Jared and his new mint green locks. (Image via Twitter)

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We salute you, Jared, you've got to be the only male celebrity doing interesting things with your hair. (Post continues after gallery.)

Jared inspired women worldwide to head to the hairdresser to replicate his balayaged hair, so we wonder if this will catch on too...

We can never get enough of celebrity hair transformations...