The Queen's loyal subjects are furious with Rihanna.

Rihanna’s been photoshopping her Instagram photos and her fans are furious.

But it’s not a complexion-flattering filter she’s gone with, or the sneaky addition of a thigh gap — the pop star has royally changed up her look.

The 29-year-old has been sticking the Queen’s face on her body and monarchists aren’t thrilled with Liz’s new look.

Like so:

it’s not that deep.

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Apparently, it was to honour her majesty on her 91st birthday (can’t you tell by the giant beer in her hand?) but the unusual tribute has been labeled “disrespectful” by some.

The four posts, despite being liked thousands of times, have also been flooded with comments from furious followers.


“This is disrespectful and stupid,” one wrote.

“Looks like something Madonna would post to provoke pointlessly,” said another.

To be fair, many more found it hilarous, though one fan did offer this warning:

“It’s funny and everything, but be careful, the English are really sensitive!”

Rihanna has yet to respond to the criticism but we imagine she’s not all that moved by it.