Julia Gillard and Rihanna taught together, and there's a hilarious detail on the blackboard.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard teaching maths class with Rihanna.

If you’re currently thinking, ‘Sounds kind of like a dream I had once…’, I wouldn’t blame you. But this wonderfully bizarre turn of events actually happened.

As the Chair of the Global Partnership for Education our first female PM took the pop singer and GPE ambassador over to Malawi earlier this year in an effort to understand the challenges faced by teachers, students and government officials working to create change in the poverty-stricken country.

In a clip shared by Gillard on social media, the boss-lady duo visit a crowded school where they team up to teach a class of children about subtraction.

Okay so, yes, the maths wasn’t always what you’d call ‘accurate’…

rihanna julia gillard teach maths
3-0=0.... wait. What? Image: GPE.

But we doubt anyone minded. Because, you know, Julia Gillard and Rihanna.

Let's hope than in addition to improving access to education and empowering girls in the third world, they're also in the process of forming the most formidable squad on the planet.

For now though, we're just happy in the knowledge that they inspired this...