So Rihanna has gone and created a lipstick designed to wear on your period.

Fetish. Underage. Sex Machine.

No, those aren’t porn searches, they’re lipstick names.

Have you ever noticed how ~sexual~ makeup can be? From lipsticks to blush (and even mascara), makeup names are often inspired by bedroom activities.

Thank goodness for Rihanna then.

She’s expanded her Fenty Beauty range with a matte lipstick collection and there’s one colour in particular that has us cheering for it’s relatable and really rather unsexy name.

Hint : It’s a “moody brown”.

Yes the singer/modern makeup guru has only gone and named a shade after PMS.

Literally, she has a lippie called PMS.

#PMS | #MATTEMOISELLE will be available December 26!

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To be honest, the brown lippy looks a lot nicer than we do when we’re going through an episode.

It’s not the first time the singer has broken tradition when it comes to makeup – her Fenty beauty range was named one of the best inventions of 2017 by Time Magazine for its success and innovation. It only launched in October.

The #MatteMoiselle range includes 14 different shades with names like Clapback, S!NGLE, Up2 No Good, Freckle Fiesta and Spanked (we know, we know) and covers every colour from red to pink to brown to bolder shades.

The lipsticks drop online and at Sephora on December 26th.

Post-Christmas Christmas present anyone?