Rihanna was utterly gobsmacked from the moment this fan opened his mouth.

We’ve all dreamt about finding glorious stardom overnight. Unfortunately, that dream just doesn’t eventuate for most of us.

I bet you’ve envisaged being stopped in a city street by a model casting agent; or having a music producer offer you a record deal after hearing the beautiful octaves of your voice as you belt out a song in your shower.

And if you dare tell me I’m wrong, and that you’ve never lusted after such things, then I’m sorry but you’re totally lying. Because we have ALL wistfully imagined life as a glittery celeb at some point. ALL OF US HAVE.

I bet this is you. Every Morning. (Original image: Sony Pictures)

And yesterday, that distant dream became a reality for one of Rihanna’s most die-hard fans. Seated in the front row at the Anti World Tour, a random audience member was called upon by the star to help her sing the hit, “FourFiveSeconds”.

And boy-oh-boy, did this fan make good use of his moment in the spotlight. As soon as he opened his mouth the crowd — and Rihanna — were positively stunned. STUNNED, I tell you.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself below.


The Internet has since gone bananas over the footage, and the fan’s striking voice. So, who is this Superstar2Be? He’s a man by the name of Tera Jay (but you can call him TJ), and he is practically the Next Big Thing.

Watch TJ sing a cover of “I’m Gonna Find Another You” by John Mayer below.

With his YouTube channel already set up, and his following growing by the day, it looks like TJ’s dream of becoming a singing sensation might be more realistic than he first thought. And it’s all because Rihanna called on him to belt out a few notes.

If that doesn’t justify forking out an extra $400 to sit in the front row, I don’t know what does.

If you were a celeb, what extravagant change room requests would you make? Find out RiRi’s below…

Video via NBC