17 people share the most ridiculous reasons they've dumped someone.

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Ah, love. It’s a many splendoured thing… until it isn’t.

While break ups often occur over significant issues, sometimes it’s the little things that can cause things to become undone. Don’t like bacon? DONE. Order the wrong thing at dinner? DONE.

Here, 18 people share the most ridiculous reasons they’ve ever dumped someone or been dumped for. We’re sorry in advance.

1. Ice cold.

“‘I’m moving to Antarctica. Yes, I know I’m not a scientist. I’ll find work. Please don’t call me.’…I don’t know what I did, but I always tell myself I dodged a crazy bullet,” said one redditor. 

2. Bacon = love

“I like bacon. You don’t like bacon. We’re done,” one redditor was told.

WATCH: The moment people knew their relationship was over. (Post continues after video.)

3. Smooth run.

“I dumped a guy because he shaved his legs. He said less hair improved his performance when running. That might have been true, but I couldn’t stand those shaved legs anymore.”

4. Monobrow.

“He drank a cappuccino and gave himself an accidental monobrow with the chocolate froth.”

5. Eau de garlic.

“Garlic breath, so so bad. I was like, stop with the stir fry already.”


6. Not quite the 40-year-old virgin.

 “He was a virgin… at 29 years old.” (Post continues after gallery.)

 7. Legs eleven

“His legs were skinnier than mine. Legit. That was it.”

8. Not a rom-com.

“He said when we first pashed ‘I’ve waited for this moment for so long’. CIAO.”

9. Frothing with love.

“Whenever he spoke he had a build up of saliva at the corner of his mouth – I couldn’t look away.”

10. Single as a pringle.

“I wanted to be single for an upcoming party. He had the same idea but I beat him to it.”
We had the same idea about the upcoming party. Image: iStock

11. It's for the best.

"'I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you. We have to break up, if it's really meant to be then we will end up together again like they do in the movies.' Uhhh... what?!" shared M2W3L.

12. Not a stylist.

"He told me I couldn't wear jeans anymore and I could only wear skirts."

13. Man in a uniform.

"I once dumped someone because he was a cop and his idea of a date was a ride along for his night shift. I had to sit in the back all night (his partner was also there) and I just looked like a right crim just having been arrested #notfun."

14. Hands off.

"I dumped my ex because he had 'clammy hands'."
Clammy hands? No deal!

15. Young love.

"I dumped a guy because I 'couldn't see a future together'. We'd been going out for a week. I was 14."

16. Never together.

"After a few dates, he told me he'd finally found someone to settle down with. Even though I wasn't aware we were "together", I had to break up with him. I've never cared less."

17. Saturday Night Fever

"He danced too enthusiastically."
What's the most ridiculous reason you've ever dumped someone for?