11 Mamamia employees share the most expensive thing they've ever bought.

Everybody seems to believe millennials can’t afford houses because we’re all dishing out $17 a pop for avo on toast.

This post is about to prove those people wrong. So very wrong.

Want to know the real reason we’ll all spend the rest of our lives renting a floor beneath a 40-year-old bachelor who smells like chicken soup?


Listen: The crazy extremes of wedding costs. (Post continues…)

Without further ado, these are the most expensive things *anonymous* staffers from the Mamamia office have purchased.

Slightly ludicrous

“I spent $160 on a stainless steel bread bin from a fancy kitchen store because we’d just moved to Bondi and I felt it might help me feel like I belonged,” Lina* said. “It didn’t. And most people I met didn’t even eat bread.”

Well, that’s Bondi for you.

“I once bought $250 head shots for my failed acting career,” one of Mamamia‘s writers told me.

“I got a pair of $420 thigh-high leather winter boots,” Ally said. “I couldn’t even barely afford them, and ended up wearing them a handful of times before the heels fell apart.”

… Ouch.

Then there’s Celeste, who splurged “about $550 on a Coach leather bag“… which she later paid $250 to fix because she spilt an entire water bottle in it. Ah-mazing.

Moderately ludicrous

“I spent $400 on a dinner at Noma in Copenhagen,” Sarah said, surprisingly adding: “It was 100 per cent worth it.”

Yep. One dinner. For two people. Eek.

For one of our office’s aspiring best selling authors, her dream didn’t exactly go to plan: “I bought a disgusting bright red dress for $800 for a book launch for a book nobody bought because I had watched too much Sex and the City,” she told me.

Ah, yes. Sooooo worth it. (Image: The RealReal)

"I spent $1100 for a Hermes belt because I'm a f**king idiot," another team member said. "Oh... I just remembered. I also bought a $1600 bracelet from Tiffany too."

"Well it could be worse, I spent $1100 on a cat that hates me," Priya added.

Mind-bogglingly ludicrous

Brace yourselves.

"I spent $3,500 on an Alexander McQueen handbag that's called a 'Legend'," Sally said. "The worst part is, I only use it maybe once a month. Maybe. Probably not even that much."

"I spent $4500 on a Prada handbag," Kelly said before sharing the most HORRIFYING STORY I HAVE EVER READ. "And then I got drunk and left it in a club in Berlin because I am a token white girl."

Oh... my heart. My weak, weeping heart.

Noooooooooooooo. (Image: Prada)

"I bought a King Furniture couch for $9,000," another coworker admitted. "It’s amaze and has been totally worth it. It has travelled all around the world with us!"

Okay. Buying an expenny couch that is capable of transnational travel is pretty impressive. I'll let this one slide.

I'd like to add one last thing: call it coincidence, or call it cold hard logic, but 10/11 people interviewed for this post are renters, not home owners. I might be... one of them.




.................. Yep.

What's the most expensive item (excluding a house and car) you've ever purchased?

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

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