"Computer fault" causes ride to become stuck at Movie World.


The Green Lantern rollercoaster at the Movie World theme park became stuck for approximately half an hour due to a computer fault.

A spokesperson for the theme park confirmed the cause of the fault in a statement shared with Nine News.

“The ride’s safety systems were engaged following a computer fault,” the spokesperson said.

“These safety systems are designed to bring the ride to a safe stop in a dedicated evacuation zone.”

Those trapped on the ride were successfully evacuated with no injuries reported to have been suffered.

“The safety and wellbeing of all of our guests is our top priority,” the spokesperson said.

“We anticipate the ride will reopen later today.”

Mamamia reported earlier today…

Just weeks after the Dreamworld tragedy that shook the nation, a ride at Movie World on the Gold Coast is reportedly stuck.

The popular Green Lantern rollercoaster stopped shortly after 1pm, when a carriage became stuck at the top of the ride. It is currently unknown how many people are affected.


The Green Lantern features the steepest drop in the Southern Hemisphere, is 33 metres high, and reaches speeds of up to 66 kilometres per hour.

This is not the first time people have been trapped since the ride opened in 2011.

In May 2015, 14 passengers became stuck, and rescue efforts were thwarted by the fact that one of the carriages was unstable. At the time, there were concerns it may drop and cause harm to the people inside. However, it was resolved with no serious injuries.

On October 25, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low were killed when the Thunder River Rapids ride malfunctioned. Movie World was audited on its ride safety just days ago, in a comprehensive review following the fatal Dreamworld accident.

The horrific deaths have allegedly led to a drop in visitor numbers at theme parks all across the Gold Coast.

More to come.